All of our uniforms and equipment have been thoroughly researched and documented. As a unit we have identified resources to either create or purchase various required accoutrements and supplies. Within the hobby are a variety of sutlers (vendors) who make and sell every imaginable item needed to accurately portray our 18th century counterparts. To offset costs, our members will create certain portions of their kit using either available patterns or company gear as samples.

Sutlers can be found at most events, on the web, or through hobby related magazines. 

As the start up costs can sometimes be prohibitive, the unit will often loan a uniform, tent and musket to new members when they join. A new member is usually expected to have the basics soon after joining and purchase the "larger" items by the second season. 

We strongly recommend that any interested parties contact the unit before making a purchase of a musket, tent or item of clothing.

Below is a list of basic items needed for reenacting. The costs will vary from sutler to sutler. 

  • Breeches: brown fly-front
  • Shirt: colored or check pattern
  • Waistcoat: long dark green
  • Hat: green wool Scottish bonnet
  • Uniform: Rogers' regimental green wool with green facing

  • Breeches: white drop-front
  • Shirt: white
  • Waistcoat: white
  • Hat: floppy, black felt (tricorn)
  • Uniform: King's regimental green wool with red facing

  • Leggings: green wool or leather (hand made)
  • Stockings: any color
  • Cravat
  • Footwear: buckle shoes, moccasins, boots
  • War belt
  • Frock: green (optional)
  • Haversack
  • Wooden bowl
  • Spoon
  • Tin cup

The following items are not imperative immediately upon joining, as members will loan these items, when possible.

  • Tent, wedge, white, canvas: The cost of a tent varies on whether it will be for a single soldier or a family. Please remember to contact the unit to discuss your choice before making a purchase, as it must fit within a specified size and style
  • Musket: Brown Bess

  • Shift
  • Petticoat
  • Shortgown or bedgown
  • Stays
  • Apron
  • Stockings
  • Cap
  • Kerchief
  • Shoes
  • Cloak (optional)

Patterns and period materials are available from various vendors. A full supply of pre-made children's clothing is available but most folks make their own and pass them on.