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Each year Rogers' Rangers/King's Rangers receives a variety of invitations from towns, civic groups, historical sites and other reenactment units. As a group, early in March, we discuss and vote on which events we will attend in the upcoming campaign season. Most of these events take place throughout New York and the New England states but also have included Montreal, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


2017 Campaign Season Events
To be determined
at our annual meeting
held on March 4th, 2017.

Here is a list of our
events from 2016,
many are repeted most years like
the Naugatuck Mem. Day Parade

Monday May 30th
The Naugatuck CT Memorial Day Parade with Rogers Rangers
The parade will start at 9:15 a.m. on Monday
Starting Point
: North Main Street
Ending Point: Division Street

June 4th & 5th
The Fort @ #4
267 Springfield Road (NH Rte. 11)
Rogers Rangers, French and Indian War
French and Indian War Encampment

July 9, 10 2016
Revolutionary War Battle of Hubbardton Commemoration
King's Rangers, Rev. War

Battle of Hubbardton Commemorative Event hosted by the LHA Department of Revolutionary War Interpretation at the Hubbardton State Battlefield Historic Park, Hubbardton, Vermont. Event includes full tactical demonstrations simulating both general 18th century tactics as well as the movements of the original battle. Full encampment of British, Germans, Loyalists, Indians, and American combatants and civilians with a respectably large sutler's row. For applications contact: Living History Association, The LHA Department of Revolutionary War Interpretation

August 6 & 7th
“Redcoats and  Rebels”
King's Rangers, Rev. War
at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge Massachusetts.
In past year’s this event was a big success and we expect this year to no exception. This event tends to draw large crowds and provides us with some of our largest visitation days.. Hopefully you can join us for this premier event.

August 13 & 14
Crown Point, NY
Rogers Rangers, French Indian War

Ausust 19 & 20
Ft St Jean/Johns - King's Rangers, Rev War
240th Anniversary of the American retreat from Fort St. John's
241st Anniversary of the Siege of Ft. St. John's
350th Anniversary of Fort St-Jean

Sept 24 & 25, 2016
Rogers Island, Fort Edward, NY
40th Annaversary Gathering of the Rogers Rangers Group! Come and help us celabrate 40 years of service to the Crown!
Rogers Rangers, French & Indian War

18th century encampment and reenactment on Rogers Island. Robert Rogers wrote his rules of ranging while based at Fort Edward. These rules are the basis of special forces operations even today. Join British, French, Native American and Provincial troops as they prepare for the “End of the Campaign” for the year. Reenactment of skirmishes, military camp life, Sutlers and more to be announced.

Oct. 1 & 2, 2016
The Fort @ #4
Annual Rev War Weekend
With the King's Rangers

October 28, 29 & 30
Jacobsburg PA
Jacobsburg Rendezvous & Market Fair

reenacting|rogers rangers|king's rangers|gear|events|rules of ranging|manual of arms|links|sutlers|info

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