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Each year Rogers' Rangers/King's Rangers receives a variety of invitations from towns, civic groups, historical sites and other reenactment units. As a group, early in March, we discuss and vote on which events we will attend in the upcoming campaign season. Most of these events take place throughout New York and the New England states but also have included Montreal, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


Roger's Own, Roger's Rangers
2019 Campaign Season Events
(More events may be added)

Last Updated March 6, 2019

Rev War Events in RED

March 23-24 New England Colonial Trade and Craft Fair; Portsmouth, NH
May 4-5 Fort 4; Charlestown, NH
May 18-19 Citadel; Quebec, Canada (May 17-19)
May 25-26 (Memorial Day weekend) Naugatuck Parade; Naugatuck, CT (Monday 27th)
June 8-9 Battle of Newbury; Spencer Peirce Little Farm, Newbury, MA
June 15-16 Wyman Tavern; Keene, NH (paid, Kings Rangers, Saturday only)
July 6-7 Battle of Hubbardton, VT
July 13-14 Old Home Day; Newbury, NH (Saturday only, paid)
July 20-21 Ogdensburg
August 3-4 OSV
August 10-11 Crown Point, NY
August 24-25 240th Anniv. Battle of Newtown; Elmira, NY
Sept 5-8 Muster in the Mountians; Pinkham, NH (self regisrtation contact Bob Ross:; 603.466.5062
September 14-15 FT William Henry, NY (Sept 13-15)
Septemebr 21-22 Rogers Island
September 28-29 Fort 4; Charlestown, NH
October 5-6 Women of the Fort; FT #4
October 12-13 Mount Harmon Plantation; Earleville, MD (BB&CL)
November 2-3 Women's Work Weekend; Ft #4
November 9-10 RR Social/Work Party; Paul's
November 23-24 Plymouth Parade (Saturday only, need one to stay Fri. night)
reenacting|rogers rangers|king's rangers|gear|events|rules of ranging|manual of arms|links|sutlers|info

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